OMG! I loved this shoot so much… these are an amazing group of kids {Aryliah 11, Michelangelo, Orange} {Taylor 12, Leonardo, Blue} {Leah 11, Donatello, Purple} {Kinzie 8, Raphael, Red} who I LOVE so very much. They sat through 4 hours of hair and makeup {done by Miguel Julio Beauty and his amazing team} which was so much fun! The costumes were made by myself, aged and torn! We spent a fabulous day getting ready, visiting the zombie museum, eating pizza, walking through town square, and enjoying Yogurtland as a special treat. Everything about this shoot was FUN, I enjoyed spending time with 4 of my favorite tiny people. I am so proud of them what a wonderful memory! I hope you all LOVE it as much as we do!!!

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    Photography by amanda gates @triplevisionstudios

    Serving Las Vegas & Beyond

    Photography by amanda gates @ triplevisionstudios

    Serving Las Vegas & Beyond