The {Yancy} Family – 2020 Coronatography Project

The Coronatography Project is my personal project and something that allows the families of this rare moment in history (COVID-19 Lockdown) to capture what is was like during the pandemic. Its meant to bring light and hope during such a dark time. This quarantine time capsule will become a part of history and will tell great stories in the future. When everything else is gone, photography is all we have left. I hope this project enlightens and bring smiles… we are in this together! #VegasStrong #familylove

Family #11 – The M Family, this family sure knows how to make quarantine look good. Celebrating holidays in quarantine is tough, but they make it look fun!

They are rockin’ the lockdown life. Dad is a civil engineer and he is still going to work as his engineering firm is considered an essential business. The work has gotten slower but he’s hoping it remains somewhat steady during the shutdown. Mom started experiencing the work-from-home lifestyle for her day job since August 2019 as a Business Development & Sales Rep for StartMeeting, an audio, video, and web conferencing solution. Being very appropriate for the times, this job has actually gotten busier for her! Mom is also in the entertainment industry (she was a showgirl for former mayor Oscar Goodman representing the city of Las Vegas and danced in shows on the strip.) She took gigs at night and on the weekends, but those gigs have been cancelled until further notice.

Quarantine Life!

Mom misses the face-to-face interaction with her close-knit group of friends in the entertainment industry. Her group of dancer, model, actor friends thrive on social interaction, so social distancing has been very tough. She also belongs to a mama group within those group of friends, and so her son misses those play dates too! Dad misses the gym and mom would second that as well as she misses a good heated yoga class!

They have been socializing virtually with more family and friends via video calls. Since no one has a set “schedule” or other activities really planned as most people are observing social distancing, it’s been fun planning virtual meetups and really getting back in touch with the people they care about most. They hope to continue it even after social distancing restrictions are lifted! They’ve also discovered the art of the board game, playing CandyLand and other toddler friendly games to amuse their son! They’ve learned to appreciate each other better and have been spending more quality family time together. Before the pause it was always felt like “go-go-go!”

Easter in Quarantine!

Their 3-year-old son loves his preschool and interacting with his friends. They can tell he misses it every day, and as parents that pains us a lot! Fortunately at their son’s age there isn’t a ton of school work yet, but it’s been fun watching him write his name and do the worksheets his preschool provided before the shutdown. They have also been doing a lot of creative crafts utilizing what they have around the house and having “P.E.” time in their neighborhood and backyard!

They love to travel, so a trip will be definitely overdue! Perhaps an adventure to LegoLand, the beach, DisneyLand or a trip to see some grandparents. They are also excited for their son’s grandparents to eventually be able to visit them as well. But they are taking it one day at a time! They don’t know when that day will be so in the mean time they are making the best of staying at home. It’s not much to ask of us considering what other people are sacrificing right now.

Thank you to the “M” family for sharing your story!

NOTE: all images taken for the coronatography project were following the governors rules of social distancing. I, the photographer, was well protected and did not leave my vehicle maintaining more than 10′ of social distance at any given time. Images taken at clients home.

NOTE: All images are owned and copyrighted by Triple Vision Studios – Photography by Amanda Gates. Use of these images is prohibited by law unless you have direct written consent from Amanda Gates at Triple Vision Studios. Do not copy, screenshot or use these images in any way. Thank you for your respect and cooperation.

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    Photography by amanda gates @triplevisionstudios

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    Photography by amanda gates @ triplevisionstudios

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