The {Whitney & Addi} Family – 2020 The Coronatography Project

The Coronatography Project is my personal project and something that allows the families of this rare moment in history (COVID-19 Lockdown) to capture what is was like during the pandemic. Its meant to bring light and hope during such a dark time. This quarantine time capsule will become a part of history and will tell great stories in the future. When everything else is gone, photography is all we have left. I hope this project enlightens and bring smiles… we are in this together! #VegasStrong #familylove

Family #20 – The Whitney & Addi Family, trying to stay sane during lock down. Being a single parent during this pandemic has got to be very hard, but this momma does it with a smile.

This wonderful mom has a mobile pet grooming business. Her phones haven’t stopped ringing off the hook. She is blessed so she said she tries not to complain too much!

Pawlished Zoo 20202

They miss having a routine, they miss friends and play dates and they are going crazy without activities. However, she is learning to appreciate time. It always takes crazy things to give yourself a reality check. She has always over-scheduled and stretched herself thin. But this time round with everything so uncertain she has a care free attitude and she doesn’t immediately think yes. She can finally just say no and its ok. The one word that is very hard for her to say but she is learning. They have spent a lot of tome together painting and crafting.

Create and Quarantine!

Her daughter very much misses school. She misses her friends so much because she’s a such a social butterfly. On the flip side, Mom does not like homeschooling. She said, “As if my schedule wasn’t already crazy. I need a class on patience!” He daughter does seem to excel in a smaller setting so that has been the plus.

The first place Mom is going after this is all over is to get her eyelashes back!!! Her daughter can wait for a real play date with all of her friends. Travel wise is still up in the air. But they are hoping for a great back to school vacation.

Thank you, Whitney and Addi, for sharing your story!

NOTE: all images taken for the coronatography project were following the governors rules of social distancing. I, the photographer, was well protected and did not leave my vehicle maintaining more than 10′ of social distance at any given time. Images taken at clients home.

NOTE: All images are owned and copyrighted by Triple Vision Studios – Photography by Amanda Gates. Use of these images is prohibited by law unless you have direct written consent from Amanda Gates at Triple Vision Studios. Do not copy, screenshot or use these images in any way. Thank you for your respect and cooperation.

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    Photography by amanda gates @triplevisionstudios

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    Photography by amanda gates @ triplevisionstudios

    Serving Las Vegas & Beyond